Pleiadian light forces transmissions, August 25th 2022            

…….Channeled by Michael Love

A special message to the starseeds of new Earth for immediate planetary broadcast.

Prelude the Pleiadians are master of light, consciousness and ascension.

They are indeed the benevolent watchers over the evolution of humankind. They speak higher truths clearly to humans in a down-to-earth and easy to understand way. The information they bring is pure light and is encoded in such a way to activate dormant DNA strands that increases consciousness levels.

The Pleiadians came to open humanity’s eyes about many things and this is the light that shines in this world. As you look deeper for yourselves into the points below, you will begin to see this is all indeed a very real situation. As you read and as you think about it, you will see the shock in awe of what happened in Earth’s past, but as you take it all in, you will see that you have a different destiny.

Know that there are benevolent forces here now protecting Earth and its beings from all harm. The outcome and the timeline of the Grand Solar Flash Event is known and it leads into the glorious new golden age in the 5th dimensional new Earth.

Only a handful of light beings on Earth have put all the pieces together about this topic and we encourage you to trust your instinct. Do your own deeper research and conclude what you will.

There are no conspiracies or fear discussed here in this message as presented only with the highest love for all humanity.

When one becomes fully aware of what is transpiring on Earth, it may seem a bit apocalyptic, but as you will see below, there is much more to the story and there is absolutely nothing to fear.

This is indeed a message of great hope and excitement.

Here are the amazing contents of this very important new light forces message.


Begin Transmission

Great One, the Earth alliance recently received a powerful new data transmission from light forces that details a very real and Imminent Grand Solar Flash Event that is due now on planet Earth.


What is the Grand Solar Flash?

The Grand Solar Flash is a very high magnitude. Earth directed solar flare known as a Super Flare which could register as an x50 to x100 or higher class on the X-ray scale.

An intense super flare from Earth’s SUN would be witnessed by someone on Earth as a blinding flash of magnetic white light. The light emitted from this great cosmic flash is exotic gamma-level light.

This high frequency light originates from an exotic star in the galactic core at its source in the galactic core.

This light contains high energy gamma rays, however it is greatly reduced down in power after it bounces off of the SUN’s corona and head towards Earth.

This high vibrational gamma light contains very complex and structured universal data packets. When it comes in contact with DNA, it completely rewrites and upgrades the genetic code. So it functions at a higher and more advanced level.

This genetic upgrade will trigger a major expansion of conscious awareness all across planet Earth.

This global biological transformation id known as the event on planet Earth. This 5th dimensional event marks the beginning of a new age of light for modern humanity where peace, freedom and prosperity will reign.

Here are the key data points about the Grand Solar Flash contained in the latest light forces transmission.

Rapid Global Warming is indeed occurring on planet Earth at this time. The reason behind this however is quite different from what the matrix narrative says

Have you noticed it’s been really HOT?

Have you noticed it’s been way hotter than normal?

Have you heard when something doesn’t seem right it probably isn’t, it’s true and this is your intuition in your highest spiritual sense.

It is to alert you when you need to take notice of something. What has your spiritual sense said about it being strangely and way too hot?

Yes, it’s been hotter than hell on the surface for the last 2 Earth months around 12% hotter and there has been a recent global increase in medical reports showing that solar rays are causing moderate and painful burns to the skin in just a matter of minutes.

The Ancients say this rapid warming cycle is the primary cycle leading to the Grand Solar Flash.

This recent heating up of the planet started back in 2012 and has been increasing ever since.

The Pleiadians say this recent global warming is absolutely not being caused by modern civilizations carbon dioxide levels.

So what is causing the Earth to be so hot?

Earth’s protective ozone layer is rapidly depleting. Earth scientists have known about the giant Ozone hole over Antarctica for some time now and we can tell you that this gaping hole has not been magically repaired recently. What’s more?

A new massive Ozone hole was recently discovered above the tropics seven times larger than the Antarctica Ozone hole and the surface land area affected by this giant hole is where half of the Earth’s population live.

Less Ozone protection means more high – energy cosmic rays are making contact with the surface and with your body as well.

So what is causing Earth Ozone Layer to disappear so fast?

Earth’s magnetic field is weakening at a rapid pace. The magnetic field around planet Earth is steadily growing weaker and this is affecting the entire planet.

This weakened magnetic field is the primary cause of the depleting Ozone Layer.

Furthermore the magnetic poles have already shifted hundreds of miles away and are completely off Kilter.

The depleting magnetic field of Earth is the foundation of Earth’s current global warming situation, but this too must have a cause. So what is it?

Earth’s SUN has a powerful binary twin star located about 50 billion miles out in the Oort Cloud. This powerful star has an intense gravitational pull and is responsible for the gravitational tilt of every object in the solar system as well as the procession of the equinoxes.

This second SUN is called the hidden SUN or the black SUN. It emits no light but is 1,000 times more powerful than Earth’s SUN.

This SUN has a companion planet in its orbit known as planet-X aka “nibiru”.

The orbit of this planet and SUN system approaches Earth’s SUN every 13,000 years, half of the equinox procession, right on schedule and when this cosmic systems orbit arrives at perihelion with Earth’s SUN. It causes the SUN’s corona to build up a tremendous electromagnetic charge which will explode of flash to release the pressure of the particles.

The Ancients say as this binary SUN approaches, it causes exactly what is being witnesses right now on planet Earth, a weakened magnetic field, a loss of Ozone and rapid planetary heating.

They also say when the black SUN gets close enough, it causes the SUN’s corona to release an intense flash of plasma towards Earth causing an immediate pole reversal, instant freeze or super heating which triggers tremendous tectonic activity creating mild high oceanic floods.

A cataclysmic extinction level event beyond all imagination is the end result.

A complete magnetic pole reversal / disaster cycle occurs on Earth every 13,000 years exactly half of the procession of the equinoxes 26,000 years.

Every times this has happened in the past, humanity has been almost completely wiped off the surface of the Planet.

Modern Earth science verifies and tracks the last 5 times this has occurred in Earth’s prehistory.

The last cycle being the great flood of 13,000 years ago, it’s certainly not a coincidence that this was also when great Atlanta sank beneath the water in one day a night. In ancient days, even though humanity was very advanced, it seems it did not possess the ability to prevent its destruction and extinction.

The Pleiadians say this disaster cycle has always been triggered by a super Solar Flare and not by a comet or asteroid.

The latest light forces intel shows that planet Earth is in the beginning of one of these 13,000 years cataclysm cycles.

In fact, as of today, Earth is exactly 9 years 8 months and 5 days into the latest 13,000 year cycle.

The current cycle was predicted by the Mayan culture and began in 2012. Therefore according to the data, we are 10 Earth years into this latest disaster right at this moment.

By the way, the length of the most intense planetary cataclysmic period after the pole shift and the disaster starts is shown to be around 1,000 – 1,200 years.

If we are 10 years into this 13,000 year disaster cycle and if cataclysm is supposed to be happening now on Earth, just like 5 times in the past. Why is it not happening?

The Pleiadians say it is known that in Earth year 2022, Earth is currently in the time of the 6th SUN which began in 2012 when the Grand Solar Flash will occur.

However this time, something very different will happen on Earth. Humanity will not be destroyed, but will be instantly transmuted into the 5th Dimension by the incoming 5th Dimension gamma light. How is this possible?

For the first time in human history, humanity with the assistance of light forces has enough knowledge and technology to prevent a planetary cataclysm from a pole shift caused by a major solar event. Since what happens on Earth effects the entire cosmos. Higher civilizations have stepped in to help with this cosmic solar situation and benevolent light forces are completely in control of all of these systems.

For several Earth years light forces have been assisting the leaders of planet Earth and developing an artificial magnetic field technology that can counteract a pole reversal. The technology to do this exists as a special secret project in Antarctica located out of the public eye and involves Tesla Scalar Wave technology.

The technology has been in place and used for our a decade now and this super artificial magnetic field is already infact currently counterbalancing Earth’s out of place magnetic north pole.

The Pleiadians say the Grand Solar Flash will completely shut down the entire electrical and electronic grid of the 3D commercial matrix, but after this, conscious communities will quickly come together to build the new 5D Earth Infrastructure.

If one listens to their inner voice, it is saying “THE TIME HAS COME”.

Look around you, do you sense how things are changing in subtle ways?

Do you see the writing on the wall for telling what is to come?

What is the reason for being here?

Some may ask I have waited so long and endured so much, when will I make it to the finish line.

The wise ones of Earth are of one mind and one accord and they can read the writing on the wall. You are one of these wise ones and before you even wake tomorrow, all thing could change in a big and positive way and then you will say “I see now why I had to wait to see this and experience this was worth, all I have been through”.

Dear One, we look for the great light that comes from heaven each day because we know this light and we are one with it.

The ancients wrote the messages on the wall for modern humanity about the Grand Solar Flash and humanity just has to look close enough to read the messages.

This is the great time of the 6th SUN spoken of by the ancients when the rainbow children of light would create a new world on planet Earth. This is your story and your destiny.

Thank you for coming to Earth at this time to create a better world here for all. Feel free to share how you are doing on your evolutionary journey.

God Speech, Michael and the Pleiadians, Special credit and acknowledgement to the Earth alliance, the atta, the great white brotherhood 5D earth project ascension blog