The end of Poverty.
The end of Hunger.
The end of Inequlity.
The end of Misery.
The end of Extreme Wealth, ..of Selfishness, … of Thinking  about Oneself …..
WHAT is Happening Now on Earth? It has begun.

The Pleiadians Say, “The Grand Solar Flash Is The Beginning Of The World, A New Beginning!”…..

An Imminent Grand Solar Flash!!

What is the Grand Solar Flash?

The Grand Solar Flash is a very high magnitude. Earth directed solar flare known as a Super Flare which could register as an x50 to x100 or higher class on the X-ray scale…………………….

This light contains high energy gamma rays, however it is greatly reduced down in power after it bounces off of the SUN’s corona and head towards Earth.

This high vibrational gamma light contains very complex and structured universal data packets. When it comes in contact with DNA, it completely rewrites and upgrades the genetic code

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