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ปฏิจจสมุปบาท เหตุผลแห่งวัฏสงสาร เสียงอ่านหนังสือชุดที่ 2

The Path to Peace

“One who know dependent arising, knows the Dhamma, One who knows the Dhamma knows dependent arising” the Buddha (MN28)

The teaching of dependent arising cannot be overstated. Existence is always conditional and dependent on something else in existence.

Knowing and understanding this as “embodied” wisdom allows for the removal of personal suffering.

Suffering, like all else that exists, arises and ceases due to known causes. This is the key to halting suffering and attaining joy and happiness!

All that exists arises, evolves and decays based on precise causes. The end of suffering is possible, as “all” in existence is causally dependent and impermanent!


Is the first link .It is a lack of wisdom, especially regarding the nature of the Four Noble Truths, Ignorance gives way to…….

Mental Fabrications

An inclination to act on developing mental conditions, or the nonsense that arises in your mind. Mental volitions gives way to…….


The awareness within us, especially of self reflection. Conciousness gives way to……

Name & Form

Human mental – material elements, that which exists and is acted upon through your consciousness. Name & Form gives way to…..

the Six Sense Bases

Your six sense organs and the objects they encounter, your six sense bases gives way to…..


The coming together of your sense bases and the objects resulting in sense consciousness. Contact gives way to….


The sensation of pleasant, unpleasant, or neutral, arisen due to the making of ‘contact’. Feeling gives way to…..


The thirst, desire or want arisen through ‘feeling’. Craving gives way to….


Sometimes called clinging. Attachment gives way to….


The continuous transformation of the required elements towards creation. Becoming gives way to…


The appearance of the arisen, resultant creation. Birth gives way to….


The entire round of suffering, and ultimately Death. This is the eventual decay process that always occurs with any birth, thus anything in existence.

“When this arises, that arises (too).

From the arising of this,

Comes the arising of that.

When this isn’t, that isn’t (as well).”

The Buddha (SN12.61)


“Dependent arising is profound

And indeed appears profound”

The Buddha (DN15)


“It is in not understanding dependent arising that this generation has become like a tangled ball of string….”

“….unable to pass

Beyond state of woe.”

The Buddha(DN15)


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